Welcome to Blossoming Quilts

Why "blossom"? My favorite part of quilting is seeing a quilt come to life or "blossom" right before my eyes.


My job is to quilt your finished quilt top with a design of your choosing. We will work together to find the best pattern and thread color for your quilt. I quilt on a computer driven system so there is an endless array of designs to enhance your quilt top.


You have put weeks, months, or perhaps years into creating your quilt top. Now let's make it come to life. I take great pride in my work, and strive to make every quilt as beautiful as possible. My job is to enhance the work you have put into your quilt top. I quilt every quilt as if it were my own. If it blossoms, I have succeeded.

Thank you for letting me enjoy your work for just a little while.