About Me.....


My name is Kim and I live in Orange County, California. I started sewing at the age of 8 when I wanted to get my Girl Scout Sewing badge. By the time I was 12 years old, I was making all of my clothes. I used to bring fabric home one day and wear it the next day. 

Somehow, when I had kids, that all stopped. Being a busy, working mom just didn’t afford me the extra time to sew like I used to.

I have always loved quilts. I had an aunt who made the most beautiful quilts that I used to admire. I never thought to ask her to teach me. She has since passed on, but we still have her quilts. The idea of leaving something beautiful behind after we are gone is somehow comforting.


It wasn’t until a friend mentioned that she quilted and I told her that I always wanted to learn that this new adventure started for me. I love everything about quilting. I especially love quilters. They are the most giving, generous people I have ever met. My new love is my longarm. I am able to watch quilt tops blossom into these amazing quilts right before my eyes.